The most common question when we get when the 503-944-9448 shop phone rings.

Skip to below for a list or read on for why iChihuahua is the best choice for your fix, pricing asides.

Why is iChihuahua so much less expensive than most places- but more than some others?

Who decides this? What is even going on? Do you really have a real chihuahua mascot in your store like people on Yelp are saying?

Our customers value iChihuahua because of our unique store and experiencing their devices restored to the same standards of functionality and durability as the original manufacturer.

CHEAP COUNTERFEIT PARTS – called “copy” in the industry, are rampant in device repair. They may look the same at a glance, but they simply are not manufactured to the same standards and are plagued with such maladies as: low brightness, odd colors, touch sensitivity issues, frame separation- many even crack far more easily than original quality. These parts are, on average, 40% cheaper to purchase. Most repair shops will not tell you when they install these- the only way to be sure you’re not getting a copy part is to ask.

Thanks for asking!- here is exactly what you’re getting with an iChihuahua screen replacement: Authentic Original LCDs, coupled to original treated oleophobic glass with Mitsubishi liquid optically clear adhesive, or screens parted out from new devices. No cheap parts. We’re cheaper by doing many repairs each day without having to worry about them coming back with issues, backed by a lifetime of the device warranty. All installed by experienced professionals, with crossed t’s and dotted i’s. We love our job and would be happy to talk about the technical side of repairs and quality; just call or stop by.

iPhone Screen repair (cracked glass):

iPhone 5s / SE: $90

iPhone 5 / 5C: $80

iPhone 6: $100

iPhone 6 Plus: $110

iPhone 6S: $110

iPhone 6S Plus: $130

iPhone 7: $120

iPhone 7 plus: $140

iPhone 8: $120

iPhone 8 Plus: $140

iPhone X:  $180

iPhone 4/4S: $50

Full screen replacement (damaged LCD):

iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C / SE: $90

iPhone 6: $100

iPhone 6S: $130

iPhone 6S Plus: $150

iPhone 7: $150

iPhone 7 plus: $150

iPhone 8:  $150

iPhone 8 Plus:  $150

iPhone X:   $350

Other iPhone Damage

iPhone components (charge port, battery, cameras etc) tend to be $35 to $80 installed.

iPad Cracked Glass

iPad 2: $90

iPad 3 /4: $105

iPad Air: $120

iPad Mini: $120

iPad Air 2:

(as of September 2017) iPad Air 2 currently undergoing a parts shortage. Please call to confirm stock and inquire for custom pricing based on availability.

iPad Pro 9.7: $225

iPad Pro 12 the “Giant”: $320

Other iPad Damage

iPad components tend to be $80 to $129 installed.


Cracked Glass – Samsung

  • Galaxy S4              90.
  • Galaxy S5              120.
  • Galaxy S6              120.
  • Galaxy S7              170.
  • Galaxy S8              200.
  • Galaxy S8 Plus.    240.
  • Galaxy S7 Edge     320.

Cracked Glass – LG

  • LG G4                     100.
  • LG G5                      120.

Damaged Display

  • Galaxy S4              130.
  • Galaxy S5              200.
  • Galaxy S6              215.
  • Galaxy S7              250.
  • Galaxy S7 Edge     350.
  • Galaxy S8               350.
  • Galaxy S8 Plus      350.
  • LG G4                     100.
  • LG G5                      120.

For other Android devices, please call. Uncommon devices may require special order.

For specific pricing & availability or questions, please call 503 944 9448

For the most accurate price, please call the shop or stop by. Prices change and are not always reflected immediately on this site. Technicians may on occasion offer discounts for used or blemished original parts, please ask if you are interested.